Monday, June 14, 2010

Youtube Debut!

Hey guys! I finally put together (what I think is!) a decent tutorial. Just a summery smokey look. :) Sorry for the ridiculously short post, I have to finish studying and get some sleep!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing FOTD Catch Up + Update!

Right now I feel like my FOTDs are 99% of my content... So that's what the majority of this post will be. FOTDs require a lot less thinking than reviews/whatever else you are supposed to blog about. I guess I could do picture tutorials? Part of me wants to do video tutorials for the sake of simplicity, but I'm not sure my budding self esteem can handle the h8rs of the Internet. :P


This Friday I'm moving, and then on Wednesday I start cosmetology school at the Aveda Institute!!! I'm so excited. I'm a little apprehensive about learning to do hair/how much emphasis is ON doing hair, but I think I'm more apt to get jobs being able to do both hair and makeup on models. Anyway. Again. Here are some FOTDs~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes I just need to let things happen...

I'll start off with a FOTD, then after the products will be some rambling about my life, in case anyone is interested. ;)

lancome la base pro
lancome effacernes in Porcelaine I
lancome pressed powder (to set concealer)
nars mata hari
mac emote

nars alhambra (ML palette) inner 2/3 of lid
mac bagatelle outer 1/3 of lid
nars earth angel duo (taupe in crease, beeeautiful green color along lower lashline)
nars galapagos in very outer corners
clinique cream liner in egyptian (the cream version of this is d/ced, but there is a cream shaper pencil still available!)

remanence of Tom Ford for EL's soiree

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Return of the Obligatory Scrunchy Face

Okay, so this FOTD was a hot mess. Seriously. Believe it or not, Fyrinnae's Digital Faerie is in there. I kid you not. But it looked awful so I tried to fix it... I'm not sure how I feel about this look. Ahem. Anyway. The extensive, irritatingly long list of products will be listed below the pics. CC always welcome!

Lancome La Base Pro
Lancome Effacernes concealer in Ivoire
NARS Amour

Fyrinnae Polar Bear
Fyrinnae Digital Faerie
More Bronze and Woodwinked to try and tame the HELLO BLUE
Bagatelle to continue subduing the beast
Finally, Ricepaper all over the lid. This calmed said beast pretty well.
Signed, Sealed
Lancome artliner in Noir

Prescriptives brow thing in Clove
BeneFit Speed Brow

NARS Belle de Jour
Clear Lancome gloss I said, this look was a hot effing mess.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Well hello dearests!

Well my friends, it has reached the wee hours of the morning (note: I originally typed wee morning of the hours. Time for bed, verdad?) and I am still wide awake! I swam today, but apparently that wasn't enough to wear me out. Anyway! I decided it was time to get the ball rolling with this whole blog thing, and the easiest way for me to do that was with a fotd! Enjoy!

Let's see if I can remember!

Satin Taupe
NARS Galapagos
NARS April Showers duo (the creamy whitey color as a highlight)
Signed, Sealed (liner)

Lancome concealer
Jane Earth blush
Smashbox Smashing Dawn

Wet n' Wild eye/brow kohl in Taupe
Benefit Speed Brow

Real Treasure